Agenda & Schedule

Where: The Human Centered Data Science (HCDS) workshop is a part of the CSCW 2016 conference taking place at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco in San Francisco, CA.

When: The HCDS workshop is scheduled for 9am – 5pm on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

1. Workshop Goal.

We have targeted a very specific goal to accomplish during the workshop: to write the first draft of a research agenda for human-centered data science. This could turn into a co-authored paper or the introduction to a special journal issue on the topic; the specifics are yet to be determined. But in any event, at the end of the workshop we will have jointly produced a written artifact. Much of it will be done in small groups. To that end, we’ve restructured the schedule and we’re going to be assigning participants to do a little preparation (read-ahead prior to the workshop: 3-4 submitted papers, as assigned).
2. Schedule Change: No Lightning Talks.
The workshop schedule is below. Note that we decided to skip the one-minute lightning talks in favor of one-on-one conversations in the form of targeted “research speed dating.” This event was piloted this summer and was voted the most successful activity of the workshop, perhaps because it gives everybody a chance to actively discuss their own work and engage with the work of others, rather than passively listening to a series of presentations.
Instead of in-person lightning talks, we will post your summary slides on the workshop website for people to browse in advance of the workshop. Hopefully, everyone can spend time on the website before the workshop, checking out the slides, reading the papers, etc. so that we can most efficiently use our very limited time together. We will only have about seven hours together!
3. Lunch.
Unfortunately, most of the restaurants in the Financial District in San Francisco are closed on Sundays, so we decided it would be best for everyone to simply pick up deli-type food in the Ferry Building on your own and get together in small groups to discuss research topics. We’ll provide you with a map of fast-food and sandwich places that are open that day.
4. Schedule.

·         9:00-9:15             Brief welcome, review the day, state the goal of defining HCDS, building a research agenda, share link for collaborative note taking google doc

.          9:15-10:00           Keynote by Dan Russell (25 min talk, 20 min questions/discussion/start collecting themes on shared google doc)

.          10:00-10:30         Speed dating round 1  –  Form two lines and take 90 seconds per person to describe to a partner your interests in human-centered data science, highlighting research experience as well as research challenges (with intent to find common themes to address a research agenda associated with human-centered data science)
·         10:30-10:45         Break (networking)
·         10:45-11:15         Speed dating round 2
.          11:15-12:00         Break into groups and group charge: now and over lunch come up with at least 3 themes from the morning conversation, introductions, or your own position paper that form the basis for HCDS. What is important? What needs more development? What are the urgent needs for the field? Emerging themes, issues, “grand challenges”, potential research agenda elements?
·         12:00 – 1:00        “Touch-and-Go Lunch” on your own in Ferry Bldg. We’ll provide maps, everyone pick up fast food/deli to take to your continued small group discussions.

.         1:00-1:40            Groups report back: What is the emerging field of HCDS? Collect themes and start to organize into emergent topics. The intent is to use the identified narratives to kick-start a participant coauthored publication outlining the vision for the human-centered data science research area, a set of “grand challenges” to be addressed, and a research agenda for this area.

.         1:45-2:00           Break into small thematic groups around the consensus-derived problems and themes that emerge from the above group session.

.         2:00-2:45            Small group “thematic topics” discussion oriented towards building an HCDS agenda. Each theme is entered as section header in a Google doc. Each small group is now tasked with outlining and formalizing the key issues in their theme, identifying the challenges, suggesting ways forward, and documenting in the shared document (which is intended to be the first draft of what will become a multi-authored publication).

·         2:45-3:30            Each small group reports their formalization to the large group

.         3:30-3:45            Break (networking)

·         3:45 – 4:15         Large group discussion (and fine-tuning) of formalizations.

·         4:15 – 5:00        Building a network for HCDS: publication plans, how to keep momentum, report, going forward, get volunteers to commit.

·         5:00+                 After party/drinks/dinner as desired