This one-day workshop will be structured to facilitate deep discussions of current issues in human-centered data science. The workshop will be limited to no more than 35 participants to facilitate in-depth discussion.

An early version of this workshop was developed and piloted at the 2015 CSST Summer Institute (, where participants voted it the most effective and interesting proposal of the conference.

Workshop activities

We will begin with a 20-minute keynote on the methodological challenges related to combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to research on very large data sets. This framing session will be followed by small group activities. We will avoid the “series of 30-minute talks” approach, which is less effective in fostering collaboration and building community.

We will encourage the group to have lunch together to continue informal conversation and generate potential research collaborations.

Activities will include:

Research speed dating: Form two lines and take 90 seconds per person to describe to a partner your interests in human-centered data science, highlighting research experience as well as research challenges (with intent to formulate collaborations to address a research agenda associated with Human Centered Data Science).

Small group activities: Participants gather in small groups to write out common or key issues, problems, hurdles, or challenges related to human-centered data science. The whole group will organize these into thematic clusters, and then begin to identify common narratives.  The intent is to use the identified narratives to kick-start a participant coauthored publication outlining the vision for the Human Centered Data Science research area, a set of “grand challenges” to be addressed, and a research agenda for this area.

We will conclude the workshop with a discussion of publication plans and the key issue of how to maintain momentum going forward.

Post-workshop activities

A group mailing list for further communication and collaboration will be generated. We will produce a summary paper or poster from the workshop discussion. We will then initiate further discussion among the group as to whether we should try to publish an article or journal special issue on the research agenda for human-centered data science.

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